Injured Squirrels

Squirrel mums DO NOT CARE if their babies are touched by humans or have human 'scent' on them. This will never, in any way, deter her from reclaiming HEALTHY babies

Injuries to squirrels are usually due to falls (high winds), cars and pets, especially cats. Any small cage, or ventilated container will do for emergency containment of an injured squirrel while transporting to a Wildlife Rehabilitator. Just remember, their teeth are for gnawing. If the baby squirrel is furless, cold or injured it will need help immediately if it is to survive. Warm it in your cupped hands, and call for help without delay. Do NOT feed, give water or 'formula' or use artificial means to warm the baby. Done incorrectly, your good intentions may cause death. Contact a Wildlife Rehabilitator for more specific instructions. Cats - Any squirrel that is suspected of being in contact with a cat MUST receive appropriate antibiotic treatment. Cat saliva contains a deadly bacteria called pasturella that if left untreated will kill an otherwise healthy squirrel in 24 hours.


Head injuries are indicated by an inappropriate lack of fear, or stunned appearance. Medication for reducing brain swelling will often be required to save this animal. Obvious fractures, tears, punctures, swelling or bruising will also require immediate professional help. Contact a Wildlife Rehabilitator, or Vet immediately.

Baby Squirrels

After high winds furred, baby squirrels are found on the ground, blown from their nests. Assuming there are no obvious injuries it is best to leave the little fellow for mum to collect. If the area is unsafe (pets) improvise a nest (berry basket, etc.) and attach it to the tree. Gently and carefully (beware - squirrel bites are VERY painful) pick up the baby squirrel with a cloth of soft, non raveling material (polar fleece), wrap it loosely and place in the substitute nest. Monitor the baby from a distance, and allow at least several hours for mum to collect it. Do check periodically to ensure the baby is not overly hot or cold.

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