Feral Rabbits

These are pet rabbits either intentionally or accidentally set free, and cause tremendous damage to both the ecosystem and our property. A feral rabbit can be of any size, color and pattern, in fact, anything that does not have the distinctive cottontail coloration is most likely a Feral. Ferral rabbits be adopted as pets. "They can tame down and actually do so on their own once they know they are safe and have food etc. We deal with many ferals and this has never been an issue. Once spayed or neutered, all rabbits can be companion rabbits. There is of course personality differences in them all as would be any rabbit born in captivity." Lisa, Small Animal Rescue Society of BC

Unfortunately they are very prolific breeders and can easily produce 10-12 babies every 30 days, pretty much year round. The baby bunnies start to reproduce at 6 mths of age. That cute bunny that takes up residence in your yard will easily produce 60 babies in 6 months, at which time the survivors of her first litter will also begin to reproduce. Another unfortunate habit of these rabbits is their tendency to burrow, and burrow and burrow. Extensive rabbit colonies of interconnecting tunnels and chambers that will not only undermine any structure they burrow under, they are often close to the surface causing people, children and pets to fall through while innocently walking in their own backyards. This commonly results in injuries from twisted ankles to fractures.


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